Magellan Cimbria Leuchtglobus 25 cm, politisches Kartenbild - Magellan-Expedition

Magellan "Cimbria" illuminated globe 9.8 inch, political map LED

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The "Cimbria" luminous globe of Magellan features an overview of national borders, major cities and capitals, as well as selected rivers and bodies of waters.

The map illustration is up-to-date, colour coded and written in English. The PVC print is applied to the plastic sphere using high-quality composite technology.

Energy-efficient LED technology in the inside provides a pleasant, passive illumination of the globe when needed.

The globe of the "Cimbria" globe is classically held by the meridian, which is made of brass coloured metal and indicates the longitudes.
The red-brown wooden stand completes the design. An underbody made of foam material provides a solid hold and prevents scratches.

- energy-efficient LED technology with only 2 watts power consumption

- Length of the supply cable 1.40m (can optionally be extended via USB extension)

- Power cable with cord switch, detachable

- powered via included USB power supply or via USB port

- shows capitals, large cities, continental borders, national borders, regional borders

- Meridian with indication of longitudes

- scale 1:52.000.000

- LED illuminant included