About Magellan

Magellan-Expedition is etablished in 2018.

Globes have been with us for years. They have been in our assortment for a long time. At some point we wanted to go our own way of design and education and this was only possible with our own globes. We quickly found the name of Ferdinand Magellan very fitting. Our name should be more than just a single person. It should represent a whole historical event. That's why we chose Ferdinand Magellan's 1519 expedition to take him and his crew to the Spice Islands. Unfortunately, Magellan did not quite reach this destination, but his crew did.
Our goal to bring the world closer to the people as a whole, to make borders disappear and to show the greatness, but also the vulnerability of our planet has always been our goal and will never be lost.
Because Magellan embodied in his life exactly what we want to express with our globes. Through Magellan's urge to discover we wanted to express new ways in education and in the way our globes are. This is our own expedition.