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EMFORM Andromeda Globe, magnetic, various colours

EMFORM Andromeda Globe, magnetic, various colours

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EMFORM Andromeda Globe, magnetically safe base and globe, D 250 H 300, in different colors

The EMFORM globes of the Andromeda series are characterized by a very special combination. The base and the globe are held together by a strong magnet at the South Pole. Nevertheless, the globe can be turned around its own axis without any interference on the pedestal and can be separated from the pedestal in order to be viewed in peace. Convince yourself of the high-quality and modern workmanship.

Use our globes as an elegant accessory for office, living or business premises or as a practical teaching aid. The typeface is available in readable English, also for international use.

The following colours are available: Silver, Black, White, Blue, PHYSICAL NO 2

Material: metal, plastic
Size in mm: D 250, H 300