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EMFORM Globe series PLANET

EMFORM Globe series PLANET

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EMFORM Globus PLANET series, D 240 H 300, in various colors

The EMFORM globes of the PLANET series adapt to any of your room concepts with their timeless and appealing appearance. Whether office, business or living space, our globes look good on tables or shelves. The lettering is written in legible English.

The globes are made of high-quality materials. Let us convince you of this and enhance your rooms with one of the elegant globes. Also available in bright colours, a globe of the PLANET series is suitable for small world discoverers and children's rooms.

Following variants are available: Silverplanet, Redplanet, Iceplanet, Purpleplanet, Greenplanet, Blueplanet, Aquamarineplanet and Darkchrome.

Material: Aluminium Plastic
Size in mm: D 240, H 300
(g): 1300 Weight (g)